How to get clients as a freelancer. 9 strategies to follow

Learn how to leverage your network, enhance your online presence, attend industry events, and ask pertinent questions to potential clients.

How to get clients as a freelancer. 9 strategies to follow
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Knowing how to get clients and grow your business is essential as a freelancer. Whether you're a web developer, graphic designer, writer, or freelancer, securing clients is crucial for generating income and building a sustainable freelance career.
This article will explore practical strategies and techniques to help you attract and acquire clients in the competitive freelance market.

Strategies to find clients

Take stock of people you already know

One of the best ways to get clients as a freelancer is by leveraging your existing network. Take stock of the people you know, including family, friends, old classmates, and former business acquaintances.
These individuals can play a vital role in connecting you with potential clients and helping you kickstart your freelance career.

Get the word out about freelancing

To expand your reach beyond your immediate network, getting the word out about your freelancing services is crucial.
Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a powerful tool in attracting new clients. Inform your friends and family that you are freelancing and ask them to pass your name to their friends and business connections.

Reach out to former co-workers and boss

Remember to consider the value of your past professional relationships. Reach out to former co-workers and your old boss to inquire about any freelance opportunities they might know.
Also, ask if they have any advice for finding clients in your field. Their insights and recommendations can be invaluable in your freelancing journey.

Join professional networks and associations

Joining professional networks and associations relevant to your field can significantly boost your visibility and credibility as a freelancer.
These organizations provide opportunities to network with other professionals, exchange ideas, and gain exposure to potential clients.
Actively participate in these networks' events, conferences, and workshops to expand your professional connections.

Utilize existing contacts to find new opportunities

Continuously nurture your existing contacts and relationships to stay informed about new freelance opportunities. Regularly engage with them through networking events, social media platforms, or professional gatherings. By keeping these connections strong, you increase the likelihood of receiving referrals and recommendations for new clients.

Network with other professionals

Networking with other professionals in your field effectively creates new connections and expands your client base.
Attend industry-specific events, conferences, and workshops to meet like-minded individuals and potential clients.
Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange business cards, and follow up afterward to solidify these connections.

Attend events, conferences, and workshops

Attending events, conferences, and workshops related to your field can provide immense opportunities for client acquisition.
These gatherings bring together industry experts, potential clients, and thought leaders who can offer valuable insights and collaborations.
Stay updated on upcoming events and make it a priority to participate actively.

Make sure online presence is up to date

In today's digital age, having a solid online presence is crucial for freelancers. Potential clients often search for freelancers online to evaluate their skills, portfolio, and credibility.
Ensure your website or online portfolio effectively showcases your work and is optimized for search engines. Regularly update your online profiles, maintain an active blog, and engage with your target audience through social media platforms.

Questions freelancers should ask clients

When interacting with potential clients, asking relevant questions that help you understand their needs and expectations is important. Here are some essential questions freelancers should ask clients:
  1. What is the scope of the project?
  1. What are your specific requirements and deadlines?
  1. Do you have any preferred communication methods?
  1. What is your budget for the project?
  1. Have you worked with freelancers before?
  1. Can you provide any references or testimonials?
  1. Are there any additional details or considerations I should be aware of?
In addition to utilizing your network and implementing various strategies, several online platforms are specifically designed to connect freelancers with potential clients. These platforms provide a convenient way to showcase your skills, browse job opportunities, and join with clients worldwide. Here are some of the most popular websites to find clients as a freelancer:
  1. Upwork: Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms, offering various job categories. You can create a profile, showcase your portfolio, and bid on projects that match your skills. Upwork provides a secure payment system and offers short-term and long-term freelance work opportunities.
  1. Freelancer: Freelancer is another popular platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services. You can create a profile, browse available projects, and submit proposals. Freelancer offers features such as contests and skill tests to enhance your profile and increase your chances of finding clients.
  1. Fiverr: Fiverr is known for its gig-based model, where freelancers offer specific services or "gigs" starting at $5. Fiverr allows you to showcase your expertise through packages and add-ons, making it easy for clients to find and hire you. You can create a profile, list your services, and set prices.
  1. Toptal: Toptal is a platform that connects freelancers with top-tier clients. If you possess exceptional skills and experience in software development, design, or finance, Toptal can provide access to high-quality projects and clients. It has a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the top 3% of freelancers are accepted.
  1. Guru: Guru is a freelance platform that caters to a wide range of industries and services. It offers workroom collaboration, invoicing, and project management tools. Guru allows freelancers to showcase their work, connect with clients, and secure projects based on their expertise.
These websites are valuable resources for freelancers looking to find clients, expand their network, and secure new projects. Each platform has its unique features, payment structures, and user interfaces, so exploring and determining which ones align best with your skills and goals as a freelancer is essential.
Remember to optimize your profiles on these platforms, highlight your strengths, and provide clear and concise information about your services. Actively engage with potential clients, submit compelling proposals, and deliver high-quality work to establish a positive reputation and gain recurring clients.
By leveraging the power of these popular freelance websites, you can increase your visibility, reach a broader client base, and take your freelance career to new heights.


As a freelancer, knowing how to get clients is vital for your success and growth. By implementing these strategies, such as leveraging your existing network, spreading the word about your services, joining professional networks, and maintaining a strong online presence, you can increase your chances of attracting clients.
Additionally, networking with professionals in your field, attending relevant events, and asking relevant questions to potential clients will help you build valuable connections and better understand their requirements.
By combining these approaches and staying persistent, you can establish a thriving freelance business and achieve long-term success.
Remember to continuously adapt to the changing market trends, deliver high-quality work, and provide exceptional customer service to maintain a positive reputation among clients.
With dedication, perseverance, and a strategic approach, you can effectively attract and retain clients, enabling your freelance career to flourish.

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